Frida with Lattice, watercolor
The Empress, watercolor
Glitter Fox, mixed media
Green Leaf with Glitter, watercolor and glitter
The Rubin Cats, watercolor
Banana in Space, acrylic and gems
Avocado Paisley, mixed media
Glitter Torah, mixed media
Majestic Tree, mixed media collage
Sweet Life, mixed media
Chinese Mountains, mixed media
Out On a Limb, watercolor and glitter
Man From Mars, mixed media
Storm, mixed media
Amore, mixed media
June in Italy, watercolor
Sunburst, watercolor
Tree of Life with Woman, watercolor
Family, watercolor
Flight, mixed media
Tree of Life 3, watercolor
Diamonds in the Veins Dream, mixed media
Banana Trail Heartbreak, mixed media
The Rubins II, watercolor
Suzyasaurus, watercolor
Frida, watercolor
John Gone AWOL, watercolor
Way Out of the Box, mixed media
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